Andros: The Blessed Man

Andros: The Blessed Man

Saturday, 15 May 2010

The players are currently on a break so let me enterain you with a story of the miracle man Andros.

Nicholas Gavriel probably thought he was in pretty good shape when he found AK in the CO and when he was called by Andros who turned over KQ in the BB probably thought he was safe if the board didn't show a Q but he hadn't counted on the man who can not miss. The flop:

T 3 7

So little danger on that flop but then came the turn:


Andros called out for a T and the poker gods fickle at the best of times granted his wish. Leaving Andros high fiving his supporters and Nicholas leaving the table in disgust.

In other new those who have followed the blog from Day 1a will know of The Man With No Name what you don't know is our mysterious stranger has made the money and just won a 150K pot when he called an all in from a short stack. The SS held AT and our hero had Big Slick (AK) no T on the board and the short stack (Thomas Burger) is out.

Finally pro-player Ben Crellin picked up a double up when his AA was called by Peter Abella with AT. No miracles came (he's not called Andross after all) and a quick double up to 180K was had.

The grateful dead:

46 Tomas Burgers
47 Gurdev (tony) Millan
48 Barkatul Mohammed
49 Mitchell Johnson
50 Paul Ephremsen

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