Andrew Couldridgea claims Leon Lewis' scalp

Andrew Couldridgea claims Leon Lewis' scalp

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Leon Lewis pused all in with JJ in the CO and was called By Couldridgea on the button with AA.

The board:

9 8 K Q 7

And it's game over for Leon in 13th place who takes home £3,350

Gareth Walker is still in but treading on very thin ice after also losing a very big pot to Andrew Couldridgea. Andrew bet out 60K in the SB and Walker in the BB flat called. The flop came:

9 A 2 (2 hearts)

Couldridgea checked and Gareth made it 50K to go, Andy flat called. The turn:

Q (heart)

They both check, river:

6 (club)

Andrew bet 100K and after going in the tank Walker called and must have wished he didn't when he saw Andrew holding AQ, gareth mucked his cards.

More as it happens.

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