And that is all she wrote/Good night and good luck

And that is all she wrote/Good night and good luck

Thursday, 13 May 2010

The metaphorical bell has rung and a fat lady I hired from Casting Central is huming a light few bars of a hundred bottles of beer on the wall. All that's left to tell you is who hasn't survived to see Day 2.

I'm reminded of a poem.

Cannons to the left of them, cannons to the right of them, something, something everybody gets slaughtered. Every table I looked at it seemed another scalp was being picked up.

Michelle Orpe,the host of the EPT, short stacked pushed all in against Gem Husmu's raise with AQ and was quickly called by him holding the slightly better AK. No queen came on the board and the fair lady will not be seen to the ladies event in a few days time.

She's hardly the only victim though but this time it was Mr. Stephen Pearce who fell play to the black widiow that is India Storrar (is it just me or does she sound like a Bond girl). Steve pushed all in with KQ and must have felt he was in the good books when India showed KJ but the smile was quickly gone from his face when a jack hit the flop.

Ian Bryan was next all in pre-flop with TT and called by John Connor future savior of mankind with AK. A K on the flop and no T to be seen made him join the list of the memorable dead.

Well that's it folks check back tomorrow for more UKIPT action but in case you want to see who else has to walk in the shadows look below:

166 Anton Aleksandrovich Kouliavtsev
167 Stephen Faetz
168 Thomas Partridge
169 Miles Mckenzie
170 Michelle Orpe
171 Alan Vinson
172 Ian Bryan
173 Krzysztof Jaromin
174 Syed Zaidi
175 Victoria Coren
176 Yvonne Harrison
177 James Mahoney
178 Alan Harris
179 Richard Cashman
180 Timothy Boyle
181 Dara Okearney

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