And it's over... until tomorrow

And it's over... until tomorrow

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Mark Aldridge was doing so well but a series of hands had knocked his stack down considerably and then he ran into Owen Robinson.

Mark must have felt pretty good when he picked up the ladies of poker (QQ) but Owen Robinson, Ireland's favorite son, had picked up KK. The board:

4 4 T 6 2

Thus our early monster chip leader doesn't even make the offical final table I'd shed a tear if it didn't mean I couldn't go home and take a bath, man its hot under those TV lights.

Anyways we're down to eight and this is how their looking:

Piotr Majewski 639,000
Gareth Walker 500,000
Andrew Couldridgea 1,206,000
Owen Robinson 2,414,000
Graham Giles 1,807,000
Oliver Schaffmann 1,018,000
Nicholas Gavriel 494,000
Andros Spyrou 1,407,000

That's it for me folks, stick a fork in me I'm done but I'll be back tomorrow and you should too it's all to play for and its going to be big money.

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