All in is the name of the game as we lose 53 players in the first level!

All in is the name of the game as we lose 53 players in the first level!

Friday, 14 May 2010

There's a lot less chatter around the tables then there was yesterday as the game gets serious though I think it might also be the fact that a lot of the players hung around at the bar a little bit later then they should have. I could make a fortune selling asprin (blinds 400 - 800 ante 100)!

Ahem on to the poker. First all in I picked up was between Gareth Alder and Ahmed Iftakhar. Gareth shock stacked pushed on the button with AJ and was called by Ahmed in the BB with fish hooks (JJ). No ace came and short stacked Gareth was out.

Next on the chopping block is Ghalib Hussain who pushed all in with A7 (clubs) and was called by former chip leader Jordan Thomas with KQ (clubs) whose stack though somewhat diminished from its former glory is still looking pretty strong. The board came:

J T 8 7 T

And Ghalib managed to duck and roll from the axe of Lady Luck and doubled up.

Talking about ladies Firhinia Murray managed to pick up a relatively small pot for 5K by shoving in her remaining 8K pre-flop and getting no callers, surviving till next round...

Hasn't all been desperate moves. One biggish hand was a four way pot. Shane Riley limped UTG and was called by Alan Haysom. Dale Garrad bet 4.5K on the button looking a lot like squeeze play which might be the reason why Sam Grafton in the BB asked how many chips Dale had behind and after getting his answer re-raised to 11K. The action back on Dale, Dale asked how many chips Sam had before calling the bet. Flop:

8 T 2 (2 hearts)

Dale checked and Sam bet out 12.5K into the 20K pot, Dale mucked his hand.

One more hand for you folks which I caught at the beginning but waited till the end to report because it didn't fit into my theme of short stacks trying to survive in the tournament and nothing, nothing, not facts or reality will get in the way of my theme!

Anyways two stacks, Barkatul Mohammed and Yew Loo, went to war in the first hand of the tournament. Yew bet out 2K in mid-position with 22 and was re-raised to 5.2K by Barkatul holding QQ. Yew called and the flop came:

2 4 Q (rainbow)

Both players checked each hoping to trap the other. The turn:

3 (club)

Yew bet out 8K and Bark pushed all in for 18K which Yew quickly called. The river came another Q to make Yew's crushing complete virtually knocking him out and Bark picking up a 52K pot, not bad for the first hand.

Those who came, saw and didn't conquer:

224 Dylan Roberts
225 Martin Fogg
226 Gerard Murphy
227 Rumit Somaiya
228 Juan Tudela
229 Kyriacos Saranta
230 Johnny Kelly
231 Marios Kyriacou
232 Tim Hong Wong
233 Anthony Rafter
234 Clemence Veenhof
235 Petr Arnstein
236 Stephen Lockett
237 Jamie Dale
238 Marius Lietuvninkas
239 Craig Bickerton
240 Fraser Bellamy
241 George Eleftheriou
242 Nicholas James
243 Adrian Pullar
244 Michael Childs
245 Hamid Rowshanaei
246 Mohammed Ifzail
247 James Moult
248 David Lloyd
249 Narciso Baldo
250 Gilles Augustes
251 Michelle Bennett
252 Paul Sandells
253 Jordan Thomas
254 Keith Rolfe
255 Mark Roberts
256 Maurice Krabbendam
257 John Sadler
258 Andy Norman
259 Domonic Cugudda
260 Ian Mcdonald
261 Greig Mcintosh
262 Andrew Booth
263 Simon Morris
264 Charles Sanderson
265 Fan Cao
266 Craig Thomas
267 Kevin Stebbing
268 Stuart Lee
269 David Docherty
270 Gareth Alder
271 Yew Loo
272 Peter Attridge
273 Jonathan Raab
274 Gareth Westcott
275 Adebayo Odetoyinbo
276 Mark Elliott
277 Neil Banks

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