Action Heating Up

Action Heating Up

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

With the introduction of the ante big stacks are starting to bully and short stacks are tactically pushing all in to steal as many chips as they can (blinds 150 - 300, ante 25).

There's been a lot of great poker today and some that stink like a three day dead donkey (you know who you are - my evil eyes see all). One player who didn't wish to be named fell into the later. Pre-flop he called a bet by Jerard Barkley. The flop came:

2 9 6 (two clubs

The man with no name bet out and Jerard pushed all in. Our anonomous friend went in the tank for a long while, asking if he had T's, before calling showing A9. Jerard showed AA, no miracle came and he picked up a 20K pot. Making me wonder why he asked if he had T's when even that was crushing him.

An interesting hand involved the worst hand in poker making a surprisingly good lay down.

Richard Whitely opened the betting with a bluff holding 72 offsuit and was called by Parminder Kendale holding 79 (diamonds). The flop came:

K 7 7

Richard bet out and was raised by Parminder, Richard flat called. The turn:

3 (diamonds)

Richard bet out again but Parminder re-raised and Richard showed the 72 before folding, Paraminder showed the winning hand of 79 (diamonds) a very good lay down from Richard.

And as I've spent a lot of time on the little stacks getting crushed lets quickly look at a hand where one little stack really was the engine that could.

Ahmed Ifiklier managed to not only double up but punish a fair few limpers when he pushed in his remaining 5K with AA and got called by Suzanne Gilbert holding AQ. Managing to avoid any bad beats Ahmed scooped the 12K pot and gave himself some breatheing room.

Gone but not forgotten:

174 Michael Jones

175 Peter Thomas

176 David N Smith

177 Pakken Yung

178 Brian Clarke

179 Keith Geary

180 Michael Fisher

181 Tim Blake

182 Suzanne Gilbert

183 Richard Fuller

184 Ashfaq Raja

185 Thomas Och

186 Pawel Keller

187 Tasos Grigoriou

188 Chun Law

189 Kuljinder Singh

190 Daniel Morgan

191 David Burn

192 Stephen Welsby

193 Jonothon Butters

194 Simon Lee

195 Adam Ashworth

196 Stephen Holden

197 Christopher Witney

198 David Barnes

199 Basharat Mahmood

200 Garinder Purewal

201 Allan Pike

202 Jason Bright

203 Richard Finney

204 Micheal Adebiyi

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