AK to rule them all

AK to rule them all

Friday, 14 May 2010

AK has been doing what it does best and that's crushing the competition, racking up more heads then a cannibal with a skull fetish (blinds 1000 - 2000, ante 200.

Being the filthy nepotist that I am I'll report on my dad's exit from the tournament first. Deciding that he was bored and wanted to go home he decided to make many ostentatious bluffs, in one hand convincing a rock with QQ on a 3 7 J J J board that he had a J and making him lay down. However this strategy eventually spelled disaster when Kevin pushed all in with A8 (off) and the rock in the BB called with AK. No mircale's for my patar and he's out the tournamnet, love you dad, send money!

In less blood related news the AK onslught continued with Mark Aldridge picking up Big Slick with AK in the BB. Jim Worral bet 4K UTG and it folded round to Mark who after thinking for a minute decalred all in wearily. Jim looked at the clock and declared, "it's been a good tournament," pushing his chips across the line showing AT. Board came:

3 5 5 6 2

And Marky boy picked up a massive 210K pot with Jim heading home.

The exception that proves the rule was when one of our chip leaders Gareth Walker ended up all in with AK (hearts) vs Barington Nicholas with KJ(spades) pre-flop. The board came:

7 Q 9 (2 spades) 2 (club) 6 (spade)

Causing Gareth to crually get unlucky and lose the 80K pot on the up and up though he still has 70K left (just above the average) so still plenty of life in the old dog.

And just to give you a break from the monoteny of selfish players repeatedly playing AK. here's a three way pot involving Ritish Chaulan, Tony Millan and Mitchell Johnsen.

Ritesh in mid-position bet out 5.2K and got called by Tony and Mitchell in the SB and BB respectively. Flop comes:

K 4 J (2 hearts)

Both Tony and Mitchell check. Ritesh bets 8.4K and Tony declares all in, Mitchell quickly folds and after a few seconds Ritesh calls turning over A7 (hearts), Tony shows TJ (hearts). No more hearts or an A came on the turn or river and Tony took down a whooping 146K pot.

On the motorway of lost souls:

141 Paul Leckey
142 Martin Bailey
143 Ramey Shaio
144 Darren Thompson
145 Anthony Toole
146 Mohammed Sharif
147 Daren Braddick
148 Natasha Ellis
149 Gareth Stafford
150 James Williams
151 James Price
152 Patryk Slusarek
153 Liam Obrien
154 Peter Self
155 Jack Mcdermott
156 Jim Worral
157 Jono Beck
158 David Jones
159 James Eflekhari
160 Kevin Oconnell
161 Ben Grafton
162 Jamie Burland
163 David Nisbet

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