A lot of coffee, little beer

A lot of coffee, little beer

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Not much chatter around the tables as the tournament starts but not as little as action as you might think .

Though we haven’t lost any of our 258 players (currently) it doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any action.

Player 6 on table 45 who had already gone down to a mid stack pushed all in on an 8 high flop who was quickly called by player 8 showing pocket A’s. Unfortunetly for number 8 he ran first into trip 8’s and the mid-stack hits an early chip lead.

My sources tell me that most of the big dogs are electing to play in day 1b but that just means there’s more glory to go round for the 258 rising stars. In fact you may just read about poker’s next new hot talent here first.

You’ll finally have something to talk about around the water cooler which isn’t football related! Oh happy days!

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