376 Players confirmed so far!

376 Players confirmed so far!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

There’s a buzz around the card room today that was missing in the earlier stages of yesterday’s event (25 – 50 blinds.

I have a rule when it comes to poker, I call it the coffee to beer ratio. If the former is greater than the latter you usually get a very somber crowd and a much more fun group if the latter is greater than the former. There is certainly evidence looking around the card room of my theory but I think it’s also due to the fact that there seems to be a big name pro on every table making it more exciting for all the other wee mortals playing.

To my shame I forgot to mention two time bracelet winner John Paul Kelly who I saw sitting twop seats down from dear old dad giving an interview as he read the Sun. Marc Goodwin was seen chatting with Rob Yong as the first hands were dealt neither in any great hurry.

Big hands have been so far sparse but that’s not surprising so early on in the tournament I did happen to pick up one big multiway pot. Pawel Walczak limped in and Thomas Dunwoodie re-raised to 250, getting 3 callers. Pawel re-raised to 1000 and Thomas quickly re-raised to 3,000. Pawel called as did one other player and the other two folded, Flop came.

2 2 J (rainbow)

The unknown caller checked as did Thomas and Pawel bet 5,000. The unknown element quickly folded and Thomas went in the tank before foldsing and turning over QQ. It turned out to be the right move as Pawel showed aces. A good escape for Tom and a big pot for Pawel.

Sources tell me we’ve lost someone already, wooden spoon goes too:

Andrew Bradshaw

Check back later for more poker action.

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