Players on a break now

Players on a break now

Thursday, 24 June 2010

We had 253 entries and have 214 left, the average stack is almost 18,000 chips. After some refreshment play will resume on level 5 with the blinds at 150/300.

Here is a small selection of the chip counts available to me at the moment

Vincent Trethewey United Kingdom PokerStars player 41000
Cat O'Neill Ireland 24975
Dan Owston United Kingdom PokerStars player 23025
Liam Flood Ireland PokerStars qualifier 19000
Toby Lewis United Kingdom PokerStars qualifier 18900
Michael Graydon Ireland PokerStars player 17500
Simon Trumper United Kingdom PokerStars player 16300
Owen Robinson Ireland PokerStars qualifier 14675
Roy Brindley Ireland PokerStars player 14225
Julian Thew United Kingdom Team PokerStars Pro 13625

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