Vicky’s View

Vicky’s View

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Vicky Coren plans to make the most of being in Edinburgh while the festival is on , speaking on how she likes to "seek adventure" in life.

Vicky Coren is feeling particularly philosophical after her exit yesterday , the setting of an arts festival perhaps leading her to think on not only her performance yesterday but also on life in general. Vicky went out yesterday when her KK ran into AA , a pretty standard tournament exit when two huge hands collide.

Vicky enjoyed playing in the tournament yesterday , in fact she commented on how she enjoys her life as a poker professional in general. “You have to enjoy it” she said “if you are not then there seems very little point , you might as well join the rat race”. Vicky laments the fact that many players see poker as a “job , a grind that many people in other jobs endure”.

“Seeking adventure in life is very important” pondered Vicky , “that’s what poker offers me”. She says parallels between poker and performing at the festival. “You have people who work all year to save money to produce a show”. “Whether that show is successful or not is not the important thing - its seeking that adventure that is”. Coren respects people who takes chances like these , describing it as “courage rather than stupidity”. She similarly admires those who try to make a living from doing something they love , such as poker players.

Vicky intends to make the most of being in Edinburgh during the festival but she has an unusual plan. “ I want to see the worst things possible” she explains , “anyone can go and see the good stuff”. She has particularly fond memories of seeing a show “Tea with a Transvestite” at a previous festival . The only audience was herself and her two friends and they ended up having a lively discussion about gender roles with the performer as the show was going on. “You can’t do this at the West End” , she laughs , “imagine trying to talk to the cast of Cats as they were performing on stage”.

Vicky Coren may have her critics in the poker world but these seem unreasonable. She is doing what she feels we should all be doing - living a dream. Not only is she doing this herself but she openly encourages others to do the same. “You should be playing in this” she told me as she departed “ you have to have a go at things”.

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