Side show proves to be more 'fun'.

Side show proves to be more 'fun'.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

130 entries into £50 bounty event that sees stars such as Ed Byrne , Lucy Porter , Jesse May and Liv Boree play.

Strangely , considering it is a game , it is unusual to see people have alot of fun playing poker. The bounty side event here has proven an exception to the rule however as players have enjoyed a lively , convivial side event at Edinburgh. Ed Byrne was not aware that the £100 bounty on his head would be such a draw , "they were really gunning for me!!" "I couldnt believe it". Lucy Porter thought herself as being "pretty good at poker" and the players at her table testified to this.Jesse may and Liv Boree , most definetly , are supsossed to be good at poker but did not much better in escaping the bounty tag.

In the main event we have seem two of the shorter stacks suruive all ins to double up. Nick Chadwick doubled up with AK versus A9 while Max Silver saw his AQ beat A9.

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