Owen Robinson out

Owen Robinson out

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Owen Robinson had been playing back from the start and was unlucky to lose after being looked up when he was strong favourite.

No doubt about it , Owen has been one of the stars of this tournament. He has had an eventful one too , with a dream first day , two fascinating tables to play on and a dramatic suckout in the end. Re raising all in with AQ , after Abou Risk had opened with two times the blinds , Risk found a 10 on a 10J6 flop , still giving him a gutshot. The turn was a blank and the river was ,almost annonyingly ace , giving Risk two pair.

Owen was still nothing but his pleasant , smiling self even as he was knocked out."I've never enjoyed a tournament as much as this one" he said. "I've played some great poker at some great tables and met some great people". His highlights were playing with Martin Mulsow when they were both chipleaders and although he found it tough , playing at the "table of death" with Jake Cody and Jo Whittaker yesterday. "I've seen a few shows and had a few beers as well" said Owen , "its been great to be in Edinburgh when the festival is on".Owen played some great poker over the last few days. His Blackbelt mentor Neil Channig , who has spoken highly of him throughout the last few days , had better watch out.

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