Dramatic Start to Final Day

Dramatic Start to Final Day

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Jake Cody and Steve Lovett get knocked out at the same time but on different tables. Latvian has returned to tournament to see the action.

EPT winner Jake Cody was knocked out as he pushed into AA. Susan Pyefinch raised to 28,000 and Jake pushed all in with AJ suited. Pyefinch immediately called , tabling AA. On the other table , almost at exactly the same time , Lovett went out in a set versus set confrontation.It was fascinating to watch. Risk min raised and Lovett flat called. The flop came AQK rainbow. Risk bet the flop to 35,000 , Lovett called. The turn was a blank Riske bet 80 and Lovett , with a bit of Hollywood it must be said , hummed and hawed and then called. Another blank on the river and Risk pushed all in. Lovett called tabling KK only to find his set beaten by AA.

Our final nine are;
Joeri Zandvliet
Luke Marsh
Nicholas Abou Risk
Susan Pyefinch
Richard Chadwick
Max Silver
Mantas Puidokas
Mary Martin
Owen Robinson

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