Chipleaders test each other out

Chipleaders test each other out

Saturday, 21 August 2010

The two bigstacks, while understandably reluctant to play any big pots with each other , are still prepared to battle each other with small ball play.

You know when you are sharing an intense dance with someone and it is as if everyone in the room has dissapeared? Robinson and Mulsow have a similar dynamic , minus any romantic connotations of course. Their eyes are on no one else except each other. All conversation , even if directed to someone else , seems to be for the benefit of the other. They seem to only raise each others blinds at the moment and only call each others raises. An example of this;

Muslow opens from the cut off to 7,500 , barely a min raise , Robinson flat calls with A4. Robinson hits ace on AK7 flop and checks. Check behind him. Next is a 5 giving Owen top pair and a gutshot. He checks again.Again Martin checks. The final card is another Ace. Robinson bets 10,000 into a pot of 16,000 chips. Muslow flat calls with Q high. It might be small ball but it is interesting small ball and more importantly , it appears to be smallball with a purpose. Both players meta game has kicked in and it appears they are trying to figure each other out.

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