Padraig Parkinson loses out on UKIPT freeroll

Padraig Parkinson loses out on UKIPT freeroll

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

As 25BB stack hands go, it was a cooler. Padraig Parkinson limp-called the small blind with K-5s and moved in on a king-high flop. Jamie Burland called with K-Q and made two pair on the turn just to add insult to injury.

Now it looks like Joeri Zandvliet is our chip leader, closely followed by Femi Fakinle and David Vamplew. However, they're in the midst of colouring up and short of getting up and racking up the chips myself (I don't think the EPT staff would approve) I can only guesstimate.

Still, though - four players left in contention for the UKIPT season 2 package.

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