Nicolas Risk eliminated in 7th place

Nicolas Risk eliminated in 7th place

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

From the pre-flop action I can assume that Nicolas Risk moved all in with AKo; Joeri Z. overshoved with Q-Q and then David Vamplew called with Ad-Jd. What matters is that the money was in and Vamplew had a chance to knock out two players.

He didn't - a jack-high board wasn't good enough for both but Nicolas Risk has taken one risk too many. Aren't you glad he's gone so I can stop making those puns?

This means that Joeri doubles up through Vamplew and takes Risk's last 23,000 or so which puts him above the 100,000 mark and I think he has taken the chip lead from Femi Fakinle. Either way, he's overtaken Vamplew who has been knocked down to 80,000 or so.

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