Joeri Zandvliet makes his exit

Joeri Zandvliet makes his exit

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The demise of Zandvliet came in two parts, of which I saw one and a bit. I owe you a tenner, by the way - Femi Fakinle was not eliminated upon my return but Zandvliet was close.

We didn't see the losing hand but we saw the board (Q-J-x-8-J) and David Vamplew scooping up most of Zandvliet's chips with 8-8 on display. Two hands later, Zandvliet moved all-in for around two big blinds and Femi Fakinle was forced to call from the BB with 9h-3h.

Nine on the flop, boom! Zandvliet's J-7 couldn't hit a jack or running straight cards (queen on the flop, too) and that was it. We're three-handed now and the dynamics should change considerably with only one player winning the UKIPT Season 2 freeroll package.

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