Andrew Coudlridge says goodbye

Andrew Coudlridge says goodbye

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Personally, if I'm all in before the flop I would like proceedings to be over on the flop. I don't want the "maybe they'll hit on the turn to outdraw me oh no a second diamond they've made a backdoor flush draw" moment on a flop that hits everyone.

I feel sorry, then, for UKIPT Nottingham winner Andrew Couldridge. Well, he won the UKIPT Nottingham so not hugely sorry but still. He moved in his last eight big blinds with Kd-Js and found a call in the form of Femi Fakinle.

Couldridge's hand was in decent shape though a slight underdog to Ad-Tc and a Kc-Qc-4c flop gave him the lead with top pair... but Fakinle had a flush draw and a gutshot to outdraw him. A two on the turn changed nothing but the river was a jack which made Femi broadway and sent Couldridge to the rail.

Fakinle still can't touch the chip lead of last night's £900,000 victor David Vamplew but he has broken the six-figure milestone. Blinds are now 1,500/3,000.

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