chip leaders again hit,

chip leaders again hit,

Thursday, 15 July 2010

With the level now up to 300/600 and a running ante of 75, 65 players still going

The last level wasn't great for the chipleaders with both Sunil Moti and Steven Thompson losing 60% of their stacks.

Sunil Moti was again in action with the flop and turn showing Kc 5h 7d 10d. Sunil goes all in holding KQ of clubs vs Martin Holmes's 36 of diamonds for the gutshot straight and flush draw. Ping, jack of diamonds on the river brings the flush and another 24k pot leaves Sunil Moti's stack.

Sam Grafton has moved up to 46k, Benjamin Martin is on 64k with Jack Mcdermott on 52k all on the same table.

News just in we have lost Willie Tann.

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