We are back live and updates are coming

We are back live and updates are coming

Thursday, 15 July 2010

So far we have lost 24 of the 118 players who started day 1A

The main focus has been on WSOP winner James Dempsey who lost a 24k pot in the fourth level.

The hand played out like this. The player in the hijack limps in for 200, Dempsey in the small blind raises to 1100 to play, the big blind flats and the hijack flat calls.

The flop comes ks 3c 6c. James Dempsey bets 2800, big blind folds, hijack calls and we are now heads up.

Turn is a 10c and both players check.

River is a 2h. Dempsey goes all in for 18700 and the hijack snap calls with AK of hearts showing top pair. Flushy mucks and the pair of kings is good.
We had a nice cooler with both players flopping trips, KK vs QQ for a 40,000k pot, all the money goes all in on the flop of Qh Ks 5C, turn's a 4s and the river is a 3h, no help to anyone and the trips kings take the pot.

With the board 4h 9s 9d Th 8d Karim Kamel bet 1,625 into a pot of 2900 after a long dwell Quoc Nguyen folded. Kamel showed 9c 9h
that's the highlight of the hands for level 4.
With 94 players left we have a good few levels to get through.

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