UKIPT Final table in Brighton.

UKIPT Final table in Brighton.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Our final table is now set.

John Spinks just busted Tony lee. Lee shoved on the button for 7 big blinds with John Sigh calling with pocket 4s, Tony Lee saying to Spinks "you're ahead" then turning over 6s 3s.

the board gave John Spinks a sweat, coming down Ah 5h 2s, the turn wasn't any better for him with a 7 of hearts,

The river was an ace of diamonds.

We now have our Brighton 9.

Seating draw for the final table.
Seat one: Tomas Cibak

seat two: Bill Seber (chip leader)

Seat three: Jamies Burland

Seat four: Waseem Ahmed

Seat five: William Beauchamp

Seat Six: David Gant

Seat seven: Andy Youens

Seat eight: John Spinks

Seat nine: Jonathen Campbell

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