They start to fall.

They start to fall.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

First big hand and we lose a player.

We have a double up from an London based player named Jack Mcdermott who now has a 34k stack after cracking queens on an 8c8H4S board.

Action was like this Adriena Nutt bets 250 with the blinds at 100/50. The small blind re raised to 800 Jack Mcdermott in the big blind flats with ace king of hearts and Adriena flats with queens.

The flop comes 8c 8s 4h, small blind bets 1675, Jack Mcdermott flats Adriena Nutt re pops it to 4800, small blind snap folds Jack moves all in Adriena snap calls

Turn's an ace and the queens are in bad shape.

River is 7 of spade and we lose Adriena to the rail.
Going in to level three, last three hands for buy ins
and Wsop bracelet winner James Dempsey has doubled up also will get details on that hand in the break.

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