Seber vs Beauchamp round 2

Seber vs Beauchamp round 2

Sunday, 18 July 2010

This time it's Bill coming out on top.

Having lost over 600k the last turn they faced off you would think Bill Seber wouldn't be aiming to get in to many pots with Beauchamp,

But with William Beauchamp being the big blind Bill Seber couldn't help but raise to 60k from the button with Beauchamp snap calling.

The flop was Qd Jc 4h, Beauchamp this time checking to Bill who made it 80k to go, with Beauchamp Called.

The Turn was a 9 of cubs, Beauchamp checked with Bill Seber moving all in for 361k Beauchamp tanks then ask the dealer to spead the pot.

William mucks and Seber wins this round.

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