Seber rides again.

Seber rides again.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Day 3 has been Bill Seber day here in brighton.

Bill Seber is the chip leader with Steven Thompson the next victim on his hit list,

Bill Seber is running better then Usain Bolt here today.

With William Beauchamp making it 36k UTG and Bill Seber flat calling, Steven Thompson made a move at the pot going all in for 190k, Beauchamp fold and Seber asks for a count.

the dealer said "160k" Seber then call's with Queen's with Steven Thompson sighing "I was making a move" and showing pocket 2's.

No duck on the board and Seber adding Thompson to his list.

Steven Thompson picks up £4,450 and is the 11th player to leave.

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