Players busting fast

Players busting fast

Saturday, 17 July 2010

The blinds are high and the short stacks falling now with alarming regularity.

Dave Maudlin moved in for his last 15,200 and Liam Flood gave him a spin.

Maudlin Ah Ac

Flood Kh Jh

The board of 2c 6h Ad Qs 4s.

Three eliminations, now playing final three tables.
First out Jean-Nicolas Fortin 10s vs Steven Thompson's QQ's in a 200,000 pot.

Next was young up and coming pro Jack McDermott, whose As 10h lost to Jamie Burland's QQs.

Andrew Youens, who seems to be on a heater is knocking players out for fun his Ah Kd staying ahead of Malte Pross's Ac Qc.

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