Londoners flying here in Brighton.

Londoners flying here in Brighton.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Neil Channing, Sam Grafton and Jack Mcdermott chipping up in level 10.

Sam Grafton is starting to run over table 13 today with another 90k against
day 1B chip leader Oliver Schaffmann.

Jack Mcdermott is now on 120k.

Neil Channing was in action on table 16 UTG + one makes it 2400 with everyone folding round to Neil Channing who reraises it to 6300
UTG dwells then flat call's

The flop come 9h 9c 5d both players check.

Turn is the 3 of hearts first player checks Channing bets 8100
Player mucks, Channing wins an 20k pots. wp

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