Level 4 100/200

Level 4 100/200

Friday, 16 July 2010

two hands, two houses

Vicky Coren sends Paris Bence to the rail by Cracking his ace's.

Vicky bets 450 under the gun plus one everyone fold round to Paris Bence who wakes up with Ace's in the big blind and makes it 1250,

Vicky Coren flat call's

The flop come down as 10d 4d 4c Paris bets 1600, Vicky asks "how many chip behind" then flats.

the turn is a Jack of spades Paris check to Coren who happily leads out for 2500 Paris snap shoves for 8k with Vicky Coren Sigh calls the all in showing a pairs of 10 for 10's full.

Queen on the turn is no good to Bence as we lose another player.

meanwhile on table 14 Steve watts A semi pro poker player, wins a 13k pot by playing his Queens in a very creative way With everyone folding round Steve Watts flat calls the blinds with queens the button call's the small blind flats and the big blind checks,

Flop is Qd 7s Jc
sb and bb both check to Steve who makes it 500 to play with the small and big blind both calling,

Turn is a 9c both players checking to Steve watts who again leads out for 1500 the small blind call leaving his self 3,500 behind big blind folds.

River is 7c small blind checks Steve watts bets 2500 small blind just flats, Steve watts turns over Queens full and takes a 13k pot bring himself upto 30k.

End of level 4 players are now on a break.

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