Level 11 800/1600 ante of 200

Level 11 800/1600 ante of 200

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Two and a half hours of play here in brighton and only 62 players still in.

With Liam Flood leading the ways for the pros, Neil Channing and Vicky Coren know each other's games well.

Sitting side by side, Vicky Coren wins a pot off Channing. It was a brief pot, as Neil made it 5k from the SB, Vicky moved all-in, Channing sighed and folded.

Vicky Coren has about 30k at this point and Channing has about 64k.

Chip leader at this point seems to be Gutshot pro Sam Grafton who is leading the way at level 11 with about 140k.
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