John Spinks doubles up.

John Spinks doubles up.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Blinds at war.

Part two.
Jon Spinks moved all-in from the SB for 163,500. William Beauchamp who had recently passed the 500,000 mark, 'I think I'm going to have,' Beauchamp Said.

Spinks had Qd 4h, Beauchamp had Ah 9h

the board was Qs Kc 8s Js Qc. Beauchamp's and Spinks's stacks around at 330k

Blind wars
John Spinks raised 24k in the sb William Beauchamp in the big called.

Spinks bets 30k on a flop of 3h Th Tc, Beauchamp Flat calls.

Turn was an the Ad Spinks checks Beauchamp leads out for 40k and is snap called by Spinks.

Both players checked the river with Beauchamp showed 4?4? to take the pot.

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