Heads up.

Heads up.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

After Seven hands Jamie Burland wins the UKIPT Brighton and is taking home £65,400 for his weekends work.

Jamie Burland and Tomas Cibak were almost even in chips at the start of heads up, with Cibek slightly a head. Within first five hands not a lot happened.

Hand six was where Tomas Cibak was undone.

Tomas Cibek made it 105,000 from the button, Jamie Burland made the call.

Flop was 9d 3h 7c both players checking

Turn was Qs

Burland bet 175,000, Cibek called

River was 7h

Burland checked, Cibek picked up a big stack of chips and pushed them in 660k was the bet. Burland tanked for awhile After some thought though he called and Cibek insta-mucked. Burland showed Qd 8c.

Burland raised to 105,000 from the small blind ,called by Tomas Cibak in the big blind.

Cibak led the Qs 7d 4s, flop for 135k Burland raised to 280k, Cibak then moved all-in and was snap called by Burland.

Burland Qh 4h vs Cibak: Ts 8s
The turn was the ten of diamonds giving Jamies a sweat for the win.
but no spade or ten and the tournament title, the first prize and the EPT seat goes to Burland.

The river was a brick Jamie Burland the Brighton Champ.

Tomas Cibak takes a well-earned £40,100 payday for his second place finish.

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