End of day 1B - Schaffman leads the way

End of  day 1B - Schaffman leads the way

Friday, 16 July 2010

With 53 players left from day 1B, Day 2 is shaping up nicely.

259 players making the trip down to Brighton for day 1A and Day 1B have been whittled down to 104 who will be back for day 2 tomorrow.

Pro players Neil "Bad Beat" Channing, Vicky Coren, Liam Flood and EPT winner Jake Cody all part of the field for day 2.

Nottingham winner Andrew Couldridge and son Nick couldridge both made the cut, as did Nottingham runner up Oliver Schaffmann who was leading the way at the end of day 1B.
The Day 1B chipleaders were....

Oliver Schaffmann on 109,900k

Amir "Ronaldo" Zahiri on 79,200k

Daniel Rubb on 77k

Sam El Sayed on 76,500k

Neil Channing on 74,500k

Joe Drummy is our chipleader with 117k heading into Day 2.
104 now fighting it out for the last 32 spots.

So we now wrap up two days here in Brighton with play resuming tomorrow at 12pm all the players hoping for that final table pay day.

Last hand of note today came from Semi pro poker player Steve Watt fresh from his Vegas trip knocked out EPT runner up Fintan Gavin. Gavin was down to about 10,000 when he opened to 1,700 with pocket kings. From the small blind Steve Watts made it 3,500, Gavin moved in and Watts snap called with ace-king, an ace on the flop sent Gavin to the rails. gg sir gg.

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