Bill's at it again

Bill's at it again

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Beauchamp won the battle but Seber won the war.

Bill Seber who started day 3 on fire knocking out 3 players with in the first two level, has add William Beauchamp to that list.

On the button Bill Seber made it 100,000 Jamie Burland folds the small blind, Will Beauchamp moved all-in for 416k Seber called.

Seber's AK vs Beauchamp's 10 6 off,

Flop was 5h 6d 9c William taking the lead

Turn brought the 2s

with Seber sweating on an ace or a king to win the River was the ace of cubs sending Beauchamp to the rail, £18,100 the richer for his brigton trip. tho a tip for the dealers would have been nice.

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