16 players lefted.

16 players lefted.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

John Spinks vs Sam Grafton, Benjamin Martin vs the table.

Dimps Maker was all-in for his last 75,000 against John Spinks.

Maker: Kc Kh

Spinks: 9c 9h

The board of 8c Kh Tc 4c Qh full house for Maker.

Sam Grafton bets 13500 UTG everyone folds round to John Spinks who flat calls,

The flop.... 2h Qs 10d Sam Bets 21k Spinks flat calls

The turn.... 8c both players check

river card..... Qc both players again check Sam Grafton saying "ace high"
John Spinks turns over AJ and wins a 70k pot.

On the another table Benjamin Martin bets 10500 UTG Flat called by Andy Youen, Jamie Burland and Waseem Ahmed,

Flop comes 6d Kd 9H..... everyone checks

turn is 10c Ben checks to Jamie Burland who gladly gets 26500k, everyone folds and Jamie takes down a 42k pot.

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