End of Day 2 - Andy Youens leads

 End of Day 2 - Andy Youens leads

Sunday, 18 July 2010

No one is backing down, all fighting to make the final table with Andy Youens leading the way.

After a long day's play, We have 13 player out of the 259 who made the trip to Brighton coming back to play for a place on the 9 handed final table.
Chip counts at the end of Day 2.

Andrew Youens....621k

Waseem Ahmed....389k

Jonathan Spinks....361k

David Gant....360k

William Beauchamp....357k

Jamie Burland.....310k

Tomas Cibak....307k

Ben Martin....247k

Bill Seber....204k

Anthony Lee....196k

Steven Thompson....180k

Jonathan Campbell....151k

Dimps Maker....131k

We now wrap up day 2, Day 3 kicks off at 2pm see you all then.

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