UKIPT Leg 1a - Oooops!

UKIPT Leg 1a - Oooops!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Guess who's back?

BREAKING NEWS! Rupinder Bedi has made the comeback of the century. After his chips being taken off the table at the start of Level 4, he has made a
miraculous turnaround and shown up on Table 3 with around 35k. Praise the Poker Lord. A player list mix up, apparently, but no surprise at all that he's still in contention.

The painfully shy Soe Khan Lekram is in a sulk. He called a small all-in with KQ, his opponent tabling QJ. "You're walking out of the door, c'mon, you're gone." he yelped across the full length of the table before the board paired the Jack.


Dead man walking, you suspect.

Our old friend, Massage Man, is still knocking about in the £100 side game, although as he's scrunched up in a corner making, muscle manipulation is nigh on impossible.

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