UKIPT Heads Up - Joeri Champion!

UKIPT Heads Up - Joeri Champion!

Monday, 15 February 2010

We have a winner.


After some cagey play - a few uncalled shoves here, a handful of pre-flop folds there - all the money went in pre-flop, Elwell turning over AQo, Zandvliet showing 99.

The flop came 5s6sQd, bringing a sigh of relief from from Geordie Jack, the turn was the 8 of diamonds, bringing four extra outs to the young a 7 or one of the two remaining 9s would give him victory.

Duly, the 9 of diamonds floated down the river, Elwood offering and a handshake and an exhausted smile to Joeri.

Ladies and gentlemen, the UK & Ireland Poker Tour champion here in Manchester is the youngest man at the final table, from Utrecht in the Netherlands, JOERI ZANDVLIET.

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