UKIPT Final Table - Wash Your Mouth Out

UKIPT Final Table - Wash Your Mouth Out

Sunday, 14 February 2010

With soap and water

As hinted at in the previous post, there's some needle developing between Dean and Dan, and while they may be say side-by-side, they seem to be poles apart at the table.

Alas, Bluff's earwigging tool couldn't quite pick up what was said as the
Welshman pondered raising from the cut-off in the final hand before the hour-
long dinner break, but he was told in no uncertain terms to wash his mouth out by the match refereee.

As it happens, Dan raised to 49k only to be re-popped to 109k by the
relentless Dean, and a short pause and expletive later brought a fold.

It's unlikely they'll be exchanging Valentine's cards later. Well, there wasn't much chance of it happening in the first place, y'know, with them not being in any way romantically linked, but you get what I mean.

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