UKIPT Final Table - The Final Five

UKIPT Final Table - The Final Five

Sunday, 14 February 2010


There have been a pair of nasty suck-outs, Chris Brammer losing 943k to Mike Hill, the latter who called an all-in 4-bet with...wait for it...Jack-Ten. Chris had Kings, but two pair for Hill by the turn saw his face fall towards the felt.

A couple of hands later, Joeri open shoved for 757k with A6 and found a caller in Jack. The latter's Ace-Ten looked sweet until the Dutchman hit a runner-runner-runner-runner-runner straight on the river.

Chris Brammer has just fallen in sixth place. Crippled after a confrontation
with Tony Millan when he launched with 76s from the button, only for the
Yorkshireman's pocket 8s to hold up. His demise came shortly after, £9,100 in his back pocket.

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