UKIPT Final Table - The Caledonian Accent

UKIPT Final Table - The Caledonian Accent

Sunday, 14 February 2010

"Och aye tha noo? I'm sorry sir, I don't understand"

We've had a change of commentator and change of gear, too, with most aises
going unchallenged and even a couple of walks sneaking through. Tony and Mike have put shades on, while Dean - on two Red Bulls at a time now - and Joeri are attempting to converse over the full length of the table, with the Dutchman understandably struggling with the caledonian accent.

Julian in the SB re-raised Chris's by now standard 35 raise from the cut-off (again on Dean's BB) to a manly 88k. A call from Brammer brought a flop of KsJh9h and a 105k lead from Hasse, seen of course. The low turn and river were checked down, with the German pro flipping over KQ, presumably having failed to entice his opponent to to tickle a few grand in the pot.

Chip-leader, Jack Elwell has been deathly silent so far, while Tony Millan has yet to play a hand.

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