UKIPT Final Table - The Best Player In The World

UKIPT Final Table - The Best Player In The World

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Bold claims, indeed.

After some pre-flop argy bargy had inflated the pot to 323k, old adversaries, Joeri and (surprise, surprise) Dean got down to some serious horn-locking.

The Dutchman check-called a curiously small 75k bet on the 9c6c6d flop, while both players saw the river for free. An 8s on the river brought a a 430k bet come completely out of the blue from Lyall, which put Zandvliet into ponderland.

After barely 60 seconds, the flying Scotsman (sorry, cliché abolitionists)
bizarrely called for the clock only to be told that it was far too early.

"But it's ridiculous him taking this long to call with AK or AQ" he protested before turning his attention to his foe. "It's okay, you can go home now knowing that you've stacked off to the best player in the world."

He did indeed call for over half his stack, waiting to see Dean reluctantly turn over ATo before quietly mucking, much to amazement and amusement of the man who is doing his best to make this blog his own personal biography.

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