UKIPT Final Table - Ooooh, Controversial!

UKIPT Final Table - Ooooh, Controversial!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

A dodgy ruling?

Aside from the revelation that I can say 'anonimity', we've just has a
contentious ruling in the last hand before the lastest 15 minute break. With Jack and a certain Scottish player tussling over a large pot, Dean was giving out his usual verbals as Elwood contemplated his next move.

He then picked up his cards and held them a few inches over the line without them actually touching the felt. He'd be warned about showing his cards to someone on the rail earlier in the level, and had actually done a similar
trick when he got Joeri to make his ill-fated hero call.

Much to his displeasure, the referee/man with the mic ruled Dean's hand dead, and our man from the north thundered off into the sunset, 300k poorer.

He's been given a 6-hand penalty, ostensibly for showing his hand (although
there's some dispute that he actually did), but more likely for him to calm down and make sure he doesn't wander into obnoxious territory.

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