UKIPT Final Table - Applying Lip-Balm

UKIPT Final Table - Applying Lip-Balm

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Casino lips.

There are two rows of seats set up for the smattering of railbirds, but
they're barely half-full because of their preference for standing around the side.

No matter where they're sat or stood, we've now got a commentator whose low
register makes hearing anything he says improbable unless you have the hearing ability of a blue whale.

Chris has just gone to 35k from the cut-off, a dangerous pursuit when Dean is sat in the big blind, his feet still jiggling like Fred Astaire. Almost
predictably, he 3-bet to 85k, only for Brammer to put on the hammer and crank it up to 235k, illiciting a fold from our shortbreading-munching chum.

In other news, Nick Wealthall has just applied some lip-balm.

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