UKIPT Final Table - A Slug In Slippers

UKIPT Final Table - A Slug In Slippers

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Someone breaks their duck.

Tony Millan has finally won his first hand of the final table after two hours of folds. Mike raised UTG to 50k (blinds are now 10k/20k/2k ante), and found callers in Dean and the Leeds record label boss who were in the blinds.

After two checks, Mike bet a nice round 100k, with Dean calling and Tony uexpectedly check-raising to 340k. Mike went into the tank, tinkered about in the turrett and made sure the tracks were working before folding, while flaxon-haired highlander was much quicker in tossing his holding into the muck.

Mike's been as quiet as a slug in slippers, so no surprise about him not getting any action.

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