UKIPT Final Table - A Maverick Pétanque Player

UKIPT Final Table - A Maverick Pétanque Player

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Backhanded throws

Seven players are still in contention, and Dean Lyall's raises have become
even more extravagant since he started slipping a vodka into his Red Bulls. His standard raise on this level is to 50k, at which point his grabs a couple of mint-green chips and tosses them high and back-handed onto the felt like a maverick pétanque player.

This happened moments ago with significantly more chips, too, the dealer
announcing a bet of 400,000 on an Ace-high board.

"Ooooh, that's quite a lot" he said with a camp horror in his voice, before
eyeing up Mike Hill's stack. "That's right, 400, no, no, you've got 300 there, you'll want more than that."

Hill pushed the correct amount into the middle, his AQ being flattened by the AK of Alloa's finest.

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