UKIPT Day 3 - St. Valentine's Day Massacre

UKIPT Day 3 - St. Valentine's Day Massacre

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Early carnage at the UKIPT

There's a general mood of optimism in Manchester's G Casino for the final day of the UK & Ireland Poker Tour, and with good reason. Tim Brown, a relative newcomer to tournaments playing in only his 15th live event, has doubled up to 500,000 when his AQo bettered the Jack-high straight on the board, to take Dean Lyall for an early trip to the cleaners.

Lyall, however, has bigger fish to fry, and as you'd expect from a man who can 5-bet with 85o, he's playing entirely for the win - either that, or complete and utter self-destruction. Regardless, he has just claimed the first scalp of the day, when his 72o hit two pair on the flop against Jeffry van Norel's top pair on a T-7-2 board.

This repeated his feat from Thursday night, when he rinsed a local player's AK with the same hand, and he can barely suppress a smirk.

Alas, he won't have the opportunity to take out Richard Kellett, the GUKPT
side event winner being dispatched under circumstances which will soon become apparent.

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