UKIPT Day 2 - Silence

UKIPT Day 2 - Silence

Saturday, 13 February 2010

The overnight leader has fallen.

Chris Brammer has had an eventful start to Level 19 (5k/10k/1k ante). A raise to 24k from mid position found a call from Jenyue Chang in the big blind, who then lead out 33k on a QhJh6s flop. Chris asked him for the rest of his chips with which he duly obliged, turning over Kh7h for a flush draw, compared to Brammer's T9o.

Blanks came on the turn and river, leaving him with a 140k defecit, just shy of 300,000, and miles away from a shave.

A couple of hands later he again raised to 24k, only for lovable Liverpudlian rogue, Mark Warnock, to fire over the top of him from the cut-off for his entire 240k stack. The briefest of waits later, in fact, so brief that he called before Mark had finished saying "all-in", the cards were face up, Brammer tabling AQo to the AJo of Warnock.

The board was no help to the suited and booted scouser, and he was on his way with a pat on the felt and a good luck message to all.

"There was an Ace on the flop," he told Bluff seconds after busting "so they were all going in the middle even if I'd have just called. Sound, boss, calm down-calm down, etc." The £1,650 will no doubt delight the proud new father, though.

Vicky Coren has left the building, also.

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