UKIPT Day 2 - On Beards...

UKIPT Day 2 - On Beards...

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Facial furniture

There's good news and bad news for Michael Hill. Despite the fierce opponents he has to plough through, he's managed to bludgeon his way up to 320k, although on the flipside, he now has a straight run to his left of Rupinder Bedi, shrinking violet Mark Warnock (450k), the possibly sober but certainlt exhausted Robert Fay (500k) and Coby Desmond, who is wearing a San Diego Clippers cap at the jauntiest of angles.

"Are you doing the same bet as me?" Chris Brammer asked your humble Bluff
"What do you mean?" I replied.
"Are you growing a beard until you win a tournament, too?"
"No, mate, I've just got a crap beard. It won't grow at the sides properly for some reason."
"Oh right, I've got about 500,000, anyway."

Speaking of facial furniture, of the 42 people still at the felt, three of
them are sporting full beards - Brammer included - whereas another three have got some deep stubble as popularised by George Michael in in mid 80s.

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