UKIPT Day 2 - Monster Pot

UKIPT Day 2 - Monster Pot

Saturday, 13 February 2010

It's a whopper

People aren't in such a rush to get knocked out now, with only a smattering of fallers in the last hour, but that hasn't stopped the biggest pot of the tournament happening a few moments ago.

A standard raise UTG to 18k from Michael Hill was called by Rupinder Bedi,
only for Robert Fay to squeeze it up to 55k. The other 300k+ stack on the
table, Cory Desmond went into the tank and stayed there for three whole
minutes, staring into the middle distance while Fay rat-a-tatted on the table with a piece of rolled up paper.

"Oh, is it on me?" Desmond asked with swiftly blushing cheeks, breaking the tension in an instant.

It folded back around to Bedi who asked for a count - "400 and a half" came the reply - before he flatted.

The flop brought Kc7h4c, a check from Bedi and a quirky 37k bet from Fay got an inquisitive call. The 4h on the turn again saw Bedi check, with Fay firing out a more substantial 75,000, which was called after a brief ponder. Both players checked the 6s river, with Fay flipping over AQ but Bedi raking in a gigantic 366k pot.

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