UKIPT Day 2 - Kes! Kes!

UKIPT Day 2 - Kes! Kes!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

I think he did some tea ads, too...

Another bruising table is No.5, where Gerald David (aka Skull Man) is sat facing both our drunken Irish chum from Thursday, Robert Fay (who it turns out is actually from Alloa) and Neil Hughes, who looks more like Brian Glover's sadistic gym teacher from Kes with every hand that passes.

Andrew Peters is hidden behind a humungous stack of indeterminate value, arranged like multi-coloured bowling pins, although nobody on Table 9 has the firepower to topple it for the time being.

Jonathon Greenfield is still reading his antique mafia book, while Jeff Kimber may well have been sat in his chair all night, as he remains exactly where he was yesterday, fiddling with a couple of snazzy gadgets.

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